Buying A Home In A Desert Climate

If you are thinking about moving to a desert climate for the first time, then you should learn about some of the things that may be quite a bit different from what you are used to in your current location. Here are some of the things you may want to know about moving to a desert climate and what you can expect in the houses, as well as the climate:

Central air conditioning is common-place in most desert areas

One of the things to keep in mind is most of the modern houses in desert regions will be equipped with central air conditioning. This is because it can get so hot in the summer time that having good working air is a must. If you are looking at a home in the desert that happens to not have central air, you may want to try to have an allowance put into the contract for it, because there will be times you will need it.

Desert regions are perfect for heat-lovers

If you love the heat, or you have physical problems that make it hard for you to tolerate the cold, such as arthritis, then you may find moving to a desert region works well for you. However, you will still need to learn how to live in the extreme heat that can last for weeks. Here are some must-dos that come with desert living:

  • Always have sunblock within reach
  • Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses
  • Have your car windows tinted
  • Park your car in the shade or garage
  • Always have plenty of water on hand and stored in the car
  • Plan on turning your pets into inside pets
  • Expect most things left outside to melt or be damaged
  • Sell your metal yard furniture before you move
  • Get used to checking the water in your car and battery regularly in the hotter months

You may be dealing with a whole different type of weather

No matter where you move from, if it is your first time in the desert, then you want to prepare yourself for what you may find yourself dealing with. While some areas can get 100+ heat waves that last a week or two, you should prepare yourself for periods of a month or more where the days never get below triple digits.

Also, you will more than likely find yourself learning about monsoons through first-hand experience. They tend to come during the summer months and can show up out of nowhere, with no warning and in a matter of minutes. Monsoons come with very strong winds, fast and hard rain, occasional hail and plenty of lightning. Much of the lightning can hit the ground, so it's best to stay inside. In fact, if you see dark clouds quickly rolling in during the summer, you should move things inside that may blow away and get yourself in the house until it passes. Flash flooding is common with monsoons as well, so you don't want to attempt to drive in one. The good news is, they tend to pass in just a few hours, so you won't have to wait them out for long.

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