Why You Need A Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction

If you are driving around looking at homes for sale, you might come across some new construction homes that are ready for sale. When you do, the contractors might want to show you these homes themselves, but there are good reasons you should always bring your real estate agent with you as you look at new construction homes. While you could buy one of these homes without your own agent, here are some of the ways your agent will help you with new home construction:

Your Agent Will Look Out for You

When contractors build spec homes, they will often try to sell them with their own real estate agents. By doing this, they might be able to save a little money on the commission; however, the builder's agent is not your agent. You need your agent to have someone looking out for you and helping you along the way. You can choose any agent you want, but you should make sure you have an agent, so you have representation and assistance on your behalf.

Your Agent Can Help with Negotiations

One important step of buying a home is negotiating with the seller. In this case, you will need to negotiate with the builder of the home, and negotiating is not always an easy task. Do you even know what you can negotiate on? If not, you should have an agent to help you.

Your agent could negotiate for extras on the home, such as asking the builder to supply appliances or upgrading the countertops from standard ones to quartz. You might also be able to negotiate with the warranty the builder offers on the house. You may have more room for negotiations if the house is not completely finished.

Your Agent Can Make Sure You Get the Right Inspections

When you buy a new house, you might not think you need inspections on it, but you still do. Even though the house is brand-new, there could still be problems with it. Getting a home inspection is recommended when buying any house, new or old. Also, there might be additional types of inspections your agent might suggest, and the point of these is to protect you.

If you are interested in buying new construction, you should first look for a real estate agent to hire. Your agent can help you locate new homes for sale and will show you the ones you are interested in.

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