Compile These Photos Throughout The Year To Have On Display During Your Open House

Even if you don't have any immediate plans to list your house for sale, it's never too early to start preparing for when that day will come. This doesn't mean that you should begin to remodel the house prematurely, but it does mean that you should be dedicated to snapping high-quality images that show the house at different times. When you finally list the property, you can load the best of these images onto the USB drive, insert it into a digital photo frame, and have the images cycling through during your open houses. Doing so will give attendees a clear idea of how your house looks. Here are some photos that you definitely want to capture.

Seasonal Exterior Photos

It's a good idea to have some photos from each of the four seasons. Doing so is valuable for showing prospective buyers how the residence and yard look at different times. For example, if you're selling in the wintertime, it's important for buyers to know how the yard looks when it's not filled with snow.

Make sure that each of these exterior photos shows the house in desirable ways. In the spring, make sure that the gardens are planted and the yard is cleaned up. In the summer, ensure that the lawn is freshly cut. In the fall, you can try images with colorful leaves scattered around the lawn and, in the winter, have the snow neatly shoveled and maybe some candles on the porch to brighten the scene.

Before/After Photos

If you're constantly making changes to the interior of your home, don't be afraid to take photos before and after the work so that you can include them in your photo presentation. Doing so is valuable because it clearly shows that you've made a significant investment in the home — and buyers are often more apt to submit a favorable offer if they know that you've invested heavily in improving the residence.

Decor Photos

Capture some visually pleasing images throughout the year of different ways that you have the house's interior set up. For the Christmas holidays, for example, a stylish photo that shows your tastefully decorated living room can be impactful. If you ever hold a formal dinner party, make sure to snap some shots of the dining room when it's set up. These images can go a long way toward making a prospective buyer feel that your home is cozy and welcoming.

The photos you use for your listing is an important aspect to sell a home, so keep these tips in mind.

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