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You've decided the time has come to buy a home and now you just need to know where to start. The first thing to do is meet with a lender for pre-approval so the rest of the process will go smoothly and you will be able to present yourself as a serious buyer. Next, you want to get yourself a good real estate agent who you feel has a good grasp on what you want and who you feel confident with. Finally, it will be time to go out and find your home. There are a lot of ways you can go about finding your dream home and you can learn about many of them right here:

Work closely with your agent: Give your real estate agent all the numbers and emails you have so they can reach you the second they see a home come up that meets your criteria. A good home for a good price can go in an extremely short amount of time once it gets put on the MLS. This means, if your agent gets caught up in playing phone tag with you for the day then you may miss out on the perfect place.

Look online on your own: Shortly after a brand-new listing gets added to the MLS, it will make its way online. While your agent will be watching for newly added listings so they can help you get into the best home possible, they do have other clients and duties to tend to. This means they can't be watching that list every second of the day. This is why you should go on one of the real estate listing pages online that updates it's content instantly and look for new listings as often as you can. If you use the same site each time, then you should make sure you save your search criteria so you can search faster throughout the day. Once you find homes you think are worth looking at, pass the info on to your real estate agent.

Pay attention to classified ads: Sometimes people will advertise their homes in printed papers or on online classified sites. Go through some of these and find ones that seem to have a lot of houses for sale listed. Subscribe to the newspapers and add the websites to your bookmarks. Choose a time of the day to sit down and go through the real estate sections to see if new ads were posted that depict homes that are worth you having a better look at. Narrow your search down to the ones you really like upon further inspection and hand the contact information over to your agent to place the call for you.

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