Tips To Follow When Building A New Home

Building a new home, with help from a company like Valor Communities, is such an exciting time. You'll be the very first owner of that home, and it has all of your own style and decor elements; you aren't moving into a home that was designed by someone else. It's all you this time. The other side of building a home is the stress that goes along with it. The staying-within-budget stress and making decisions that you normally wouldn't have to can be tough. Building a home is exciting. To help you stay sane while going through the process, follow the tips below.

Interview Builders

Don't just go with the one builder your friend referred you to. Interview multiple builders and be sure to get references from each of them. Most builders have a set of home blueprints that you can choose from, but if you want something a little more custom, you'll need to find a custom home builder. Interview builders and choose the one that is in your budget, will work with you, will build the type of home you want, and has good references.

Set A Budget

Set a realistic budget with your builder. Just because you can afford the high end of your budget, don't take things that far. You don't want to be stretched too far where all you can afford is your mortgage and nothing else. This applies when building a home or just purchasing a home. The majority of your earnings will most likely go for towards your mortgage, but it shouldn't be all of your earnings.

Don't Go Overboard

A lot of decisions are going to be thrown at you, and of course you're going to want the higher-end materials in your home, although these choices may end up costing you big bucks in the end. Things like choosing granite over Corian or laminate, choosing thicker baseboards or solid wood doors over smaller baseboards and hollow core doors, and custom light fixtures over builder-grade fixtures can all add up. Think about which upgrades you would want now and which can be changed later down the road when you have more money -- and choose wisely.

Get It In Writing

Be sure you have everything that is included in your build in writing, and go over it thoroughly. Sometimes landscaping may not be included in your budget at all, and possibly not even the paved driveway. Read through your contract and be thorough when doing so, so that you aren't surprised and disappointed later down the road.

Talk to your builder and ask any questions you have . Get everything in writing, and choose wisely when making decisions on your build. This is going to be your home, so be sure it's what you want.

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