Pros And Cons Of Bedrooms Positioned Adjacent To Each Other

As you browse different homes for sale, you'll often notice that the bedrooms of certain homes fall into one of two patterns. In some cases, the bedrooms are all positioned adjacent to each other. In other cases, however, the bedrooms are broken up a little, perhaps by a bathroom, hallway closets, or even a sitting room or home office. You'll want to give some thought to which style you prefer. If you're leaning toward a house layout that has all of the bedrooms adjacent to one another, here are some pros and cons of this setup to think about before you buy a home with this layout.

Pro: Handy If You Have Young Children

If you have young children or you're planning to have children sometime after moving into the home, you'll appreciate the bedrooms being so close together. A big part of having kids is getting up in the night to check on them, calm them down, and care for them, and bedrooms that are in close proximity will allow you to hear when a child needs your attention, as well as get to him or her quickly.

Con: Less Ideal With Older Children

If you have teenagers or you expect that you'll be living in the home when your children become teenagers, you might not be keen on having the bedrooms adjacent to one another. As children reach their teen years, they commonly desire a little more privacy from their parents — and you may want more privacy, too. When the bedrooms are so close together, this privacy can be difficult to attain.

Pro: It Can Make Household Chores Easier

Lots of homeowners look for ways to minimize the number of steps that they need to take around the house, and having the bedrooms close to one another can be effective in this manner. If you're going to collect dirty dishes from your teenagers' rooms, for example, it's quick to gather everything up when the rooms are next to each other. Similarly, when you're dropping off clean laundry in each room, this layout can be easier.

Con: Different Schedules Can Be Disruptive

As your children age, many people in the house may keep different hours. You might get up to go to work early, while your child may sleep in. Or, your child may be up late working on a school assignment, while you like to get to bed in decent time. These different schedules can result in family members getting disrupted when the bedrooms are close together. For example, a person moving around the room can be loud when another family member is trying to sleep next door.

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