Coast To Coast, These Luxury Homes Are The MOST!

You can find luxury homes for sale just about anywhere, even in Alaska. However, you not know that that some of the most impressive homes are found on the coasts. Here is just a sampling of cities and luxury homes in these cities that make luxury living anywhere else look like trailer park living. 

West Hollywood Hills

Want to rub elbows with a few Hollywood stars? Some might be your neighbors if you choose just the right luxury home here. There are lots of properties for sale, most of which are only affordable if you make at least a quarter of a million dollars. 

East Hollywood Hills

Sure, it is not as posh as West Hollywood Hills, but it is quieter and less expensive. In fact, what you spend on a luxury home in "West Hills" could buy you a lot more home in "East Hills." Not too many of the stars live out here, but you might get lucky anyway.

Silicon Valley (Southern Bay Area of San Francisco)

If you want to take your IT career in new directions, this is where you go. It is also where you buy real estate if you can afford it. For example, a one-bedroom, one bath apartment and seven hundred square feet (super-tiny!) can go for half a million dollars! If you make it big in the world of technology and computers, then you can pick up a nice "little" seven-bedroom, seven-bath, 10,000-plus square foot estate for just a few million dollars more! These types of homes are in the heart of one of the most expensive real estate places in the country. But that's means you'll find true luxury.

New York City

It would not be luxury if it was not New York City. Place these posh penthouses and coastal castles anywhere else and they would not be the same. From a penthouse for sale in the Ritz-Carlton to a Bo-Ho studio boasting 5,000-plus square feet in Queens, you certainly have your choice of million-dollar properties. 

Washington, D.C.

How close can you get to the President without being arrested? Probably as close as a five-bedroom, four-bath historic colonial with a totally modern interior comprised of marble and porcelain tile floors and a fully finished attic. For almost two million, it is yours. Otherwise, you might want to cozy up to hundreds of other luxury living properties for sale in the D.C. area.

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