Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Luxury Single Family Home

When you have children, you have to constantly be aware of what can happen in any place where your children are. This includes your home, other people's homes, and out in the community. If you are seriously considering the purchase of one of many available luxury single family homes, you might want to keep the following things in mind.

Kid-Friendly Flooring

Kids are naturally messy. It is just the way that they are until they learn to be neat and tidy, and even then there is no guarantee. In addition to that, kids are accident-prone, so it is very important that the flooring in your luxury home is kid-friendly.

The flooring should be really easy to clean and not hurt your child so much if your kids fall down. The floors should not be smooth and slippery, either. You can test this by walking on a floor in a luxury home in stocking feet to see if it is easy to lose your footing. Ask the real estate agent if the floors resist stains, too.

Less Glass, More Solid Surfaces

While glass railings are very classy and luxurious, glass and kids do not go well together. Any luxury home that has a lot of glass featured in the home is just a big "no" when you have children. There would be too much child-proofing and baby-proofing in such a home. Instead, opt for a luxury home that has more solid walls and solid surfaces that would be too difficult for kids to break.

No Granite and Soapstone Countertops

Yes, granite and soapstone countertops are the epitome of luxury. Unfortunately, when you are trying to prepare dinner with a baby in one arm, a crying toddler on the floor, and an overflowing pot on the stove, you are likely to forget to put down the potholder on the counter before pulling the pan from the stove. Guess what happens then? You have just put a burnt pan mark on the soapstone! Granite is not good either, as it just takes one sharp object landing on the surface or a hammer to the top and your granite is done for. Make sure the countertops are some other material that is kid-friendly, but looks like granite or soapstone.

Easy-to-Wash Walls

There is always one aspiring artist in every family, and it starts with crayon or paint on the walls. Washing that stuff off the walls gets really complicated if the paint used on the walls is not washable. Make sure the paint on the walls is easy to clean, and make sure the art materials you give the kids are completely washable too.

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