Setting The Stage: Staging Tips For Your Home

If you have put your home up for sale, then you want to make sure it shows well to those who want to take a look at it. Here are some of the things that you can do to stage your home, so it presents well to those thinking of putting an offer on it:

Make sure you capture a buyer's interest immediately

Some homes are practically sold before the buyer ever makes a call to the real estate agent. People may drive by your house and see the for sale sign out front. If the exterior of your home captures their interest enough, they may find themselves immediately feeling as if your home is the right one for them, even before they get a look at the inside. For this reason, you want to spruce up your home's exterior and make sure the yard looks fresh, well-maintained and inviting. If you can't get them past the yard, you won't be able to get them in the house.

Make things that can sparkle really shine

A simple trick you can do to help make your home more appealing to buyers is to make it sparkle and shine whenever possible. Make sure the windows are as clean as possible. Go all around the exterior and interior, looking for anything that you can shine up. Polish doorknobs, hinges, handles, countertops, porcelain, metal and anything else that you can get looking shiny. Buyers will appreciate seeing these things looking their best and shimmering in the light.

Keep the lighting right

Pay close attention to the amount of light you have in the house when someone is coming to look at it. A home that is too dark can look depressing and seem cold. However, a home that is too bright can look too bright, to the point where people can have a hard time imagining themselves being able to relax in it. There should be natural light coming in, while still allowing your eyes to feel comfortable.

Keep the house clean and tidy

Get rid of all the clutter you can as soon as possible. Keep the house as clean as you can at all times, so you don't get caught off guard when your house is messy. Some people tend to keep their homes so clean that they can easily imagine rodent problems in a home that is merely lived-in and slightly messy.

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