5 Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Look And Feel Grander

A studio apartment is often an affordable alternative to finding a roommate or having to keep living at your mom and dad's house. And while it may present some decorating challenges, you can beat these with a few simple reminders. Here's what you need to know to make a home in a studio apartment for rent.

Use Vertical Space

Remember that even though you have limited square footage, you still have all the space above and below the traditional eye levels. Make use of vertical space by opting for extra tall storage cabinets and bookcases, hanging free-floating shelves on the walls, and using space underneath beds and other furniture. Hang curtains all the way to the ceiling and/or floor to avoid chopping up the wall. 

Stay Neutral

Neutral decorating colors help the room appear larger and more airy. Studio apartments need this added visual boost, so be sparing with patterns and darker colors. Use them as accent pieces and instead look for paler shades for walls, curtains, and furnishings. 

Use Natural Dividers

Walls aren't the only way to divide rooms into discrete units. You can also put up your own dividers with a variety of tactics. Hang a curtain or beads from the ceiling or purchase folding room dividers from the local furniture store. Place the backs of furniture along a straight line to form a low "wall" of division in spaces. Or go multi-functional and use a rack of your hanging clothes as a dual-purpose visual barrier. 

Keep it Slim

The quickest route to making a studio apartment look tiny and cramped is to fill it with overstuffed furniture. Instead of large pieces that fill up the floor space, look for slim furniture with legs. Getting the visual bulk of the furniture off the ground tricks the eye into thinking it's using less space. Other slimming features on furniture are neutral colors, glass detailing, and fewer legs. 

Go Multi-Purpose

The more convertible your furniture is, the less of it you have to put into a contained space. Murphy beds, for example, fold up into a vertical cabinet when not in use. This not only frees up valuable floor space, but it also keeps the bed from overpowering your apartment. Look for furniture that includes hidden storage spaces, desks that fold up, and a dining table that can be made into different shapes or sizes. 

These five basic design ideas will help you make your studio apartment look and feel larger and more like a real home. 

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