Want To Buy A House This Spring? Be Ready To Move Fast

If you want to buy a home this spring or summer, you need to be ready to move fast. Spring and summer is when everyone wants to put their houses on the market, and is when the greatest number of homebuyers are looking for a house on the market.

Make Sure You Are Approved Already

Before you start getting your realtor to take you to look at homes, you need to make sure that you are pre-approved for a loan with your bank. It can take weeks to get pre-approval complete, so you want to start working with your bank to get pre-approved for a loan.

Getting pre-approved will mean that when you find the home that you want to purchase, you can put in an offer and really aggressively pursue the home. If you are not pre-approved, in a fast moving market, that could cost you the home of your dreams.

Know Your Upper Limit

In the spring, when there is a lot of competition for homes, you are less likely to get a deal on a home, especially if it has only been on the market for

days or weeks. You need to be prepared to pay full sticker price for a home. That means that you shouldn't look at homes that are $10,000 above your budget and expect to get a lower price. Look at homes that do not exceed the upper budget that you have set to spend on a home. When you look at a home, expect to pay full sticker price for the home. Getting a reduction in price is awesome, but is not what you should expect in the spring and summer.

Get Creative with Your Offer

Next, you are going to want to get creative with your offer so that it stands out. When lots of people are willing to put in full-price offers, you need to have some strategies up your sleeve to make your offer stand out.

For example, you could offer the sellers an extra week to move out of there home. Or you could offer to cover some expenses for them, or not ask them to make specific improvements to the home. Be prepared to offer the sellers something that they might want; your real estate agent may be able to provide you with some creative ideas on this front.

When purchasing a home in the spring, make sure that you are approved and only look at homes that you can afford at full ticket price. Be prepared to get creative with your offer in order to secure the home that you really want.

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