Warning Signs When Looking At A Home

When you are looking for a home, you want to be aware of absolutely everything when you are looking at homes that are on the market and that seem to fit your wants and needs. It's easy to be so excited about the thought of buying a home that you have blinders on and only see all of the good things. However, doing this will only lead to disappointment once you move into the wrong house and those blinders come off. Here are some warning signs to not let slip past your radar when you are looking at homes:

The home is on a busy street – You may find a home that has everything you want, but it is located right on a busy street. You may find this is worth it to you for you to have this perfect place to call your home. However, if you have a dog that occasionally escapes, or you have kids, then you may find you will do a lot more worrying knowing those cars are quickly whizzing by right outside of your yard. You should also consider how hard it may be for you to get in and out of your own driveway. It may be that the house is fine with you, but you should at least consider these things.

Your neighbor has a small farm in their backyard – If you are looking forward to moving into a nice peaceful house, but you notice your next-door neighbor has things like chickens, roosters, and goats on their property, then you'll want to give this a little bit of thought. Think about how you are going to feel being woken up at the crack of dawn every morning by the sound of a crowing rooster. Also, if you haven't been around many goats, you should know that goats can be extremely loud and almost scary sounding at times. A great way to get a feel for just how loud a goat can be is to YouTube some videos of them.

You would share the driveway with your neighbor – You may be a conscientious person who would make sure you leave your neighbor plenty of room on their side and have your visitors park in the street. However, your neighbor may not be this way. You may find that you are having constant battles over simply parking your car in your own driveway and this can make for a very unpleasant living experience that can even lead to arguments with the neighbors, as well as other issues.

Your backyard has alley access – While it may seek convenient at first to have alley access right from your backyard, this can also lead to problems. A lot of times alleys can prove to be troublesome because some riffraff will use alleys as their go-to places to do drug deals and commit other types of crimes. If you aren't looking for a home in the best neighborhood possible, then this can really prove to be an issue. 

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