Not Everyone Can Sell Real Estate: Why This May Not Be The Job For You

Selling real estate takes a lot of experience and a lot of determination if you are going to make any money at it. Even brand-new real estate agents do not bring home a steady paycheck until they learn the ropes and figure out how to make a sale at least fifty percent of the time. If you are thinking about becoming a real estate agent, you should probably know a few things about this career path, and why it may not be for you.

Long Hours, Lots of Hustle 

They say that business executives and lawyers spend less time in their offices hard at work than real estate agents do. To a certain extent, that is true. You are going to work lots of long hours, more than a lawyer or executive does, as you will have to show and sell properties on weekends and some holidays. You definitely spend fewer hours in your office than a lawyer and executive, too, because you are constantly in your car, on the road, and driving to multiple locations to make a sale. It is a hustle, and those who hustle the most get the most sales and the biggest checks.

Lots of Gas

This is the type of career where it is really good to have either a fully electric car, or a hybrid because you are constantly on the road. Sure, your gas consumption is often a business expense that is refunded to you on your checks, but only if you remember to record all of your mileage and turn in the business expense forms. If you do not have the funds to fill your tank, you will not be able to keep up with the traveling demands of the job.

Paid Training vs. No Paid Training

Sadly, not all employers pay you for your training. There are still some real estate companies that put you through several weeks of unpaid training. You will have to decide if you can manage without a paycheck for a while, or make the choice to wait for a training opening where you will be paid for your training time. You may also be paid an hourly wage that is concurrent with what you would make as an agent, sans commissions, since you will not be selling any houses yet. It is rough going, but once you complete the training, you can get a job right away. 

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