Using Photography To Sell Your Home: 4 Real Estate Photo Tips

Most people look at pictures of houses on the internet before actually getting into the car and taking a closer look at any homes for sale. If the photos of your home don't capture your home just right, you may not get too many potential buyers to take that closer look at your house. Make sure the photos of your home help sell your home, not hinder the sale. Read on for tips if you are taking the photos yourself.

Take Photos In The Spring

Spring is when everything is blooming and the grass is green and beautiful. It's when your home is going to look it's best. This is the best time to take pictures of your home for your real estate listing. Fall and winter are beautiful seasons, but your home may not look quite as beautiful as when it does in the spring.

Stage Your Yard

You've probably head or home staging inside your house, but may not have heard about doing so outside. Stage the exterior of your home as well to increase curb appeal and for better photos of your house. Make sure the lawn is clipped and trimmed. Edge your grass along the curb and around sidewalks/walkways and the driveway so the grass doesn't look overgrown.

Add extra flowers in your flower beds for pops of color and give your front door a new coat of paint. Also add flowers near the front door, or use hanging flower pots for more color.

Give your front porch a boost by adding a door mat or rug, and seating with colorful pillows.

Also make sure your photo doesn't include your garbage cans in the photo, the garage door is closed, and all of the windows on your house are closed as well. Remove cars from the driveway so they aren't part of the photo and capture the house, not anything else.

Take Photos At The Right Time Of Day

Certain times of day your home may not look it's best. Take a look at your house throughout the day and watch for shading or shadows from nearby trees. You want to capture your home when it will look it's best. You can take different photos throughout the day to see which is the best time. 

Shoot Your Home At An Angle

Taking a photo of your home straight on may not capture your home just right. It isn't going to show how deep the yard is or how large your porch is. Instead take the photo from an angle and take it from across the street. Stand on a ladder to take the photos to help capture your entire home.

The photos of your home are the first thing a potential buyer sees, make sure they capture the beauty of your home to help sell your home. Talk to a local real estate agent for more help.

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