Spring Tips To Help Better Showcase Your Home For Sale

Spring and summer is a great time to list your home for sale and will increase your chances of selling it for the cash you need. But, as you talk to your realtor about listing your home for sale and before you put it on the market, be sure you do all you can to help your home garner the most attention from buyers. The prep work you should do beforehand can include making any needed repairs and updates, but also cleaning up and maintaining the outside of your home. Here are some ways you can spruce up and improve your home's exterior appearance this spring to help showcase it for a better chance to sell.

Focus On the Windows

Your home's windows and their cleanliness can make a big difference to your home exterior and interior, whether a buyer is outside or inside the home. If you are outside the home and viewing the home from the yard, for example, the appearance of the windows can make your home look either dirty and not maintained, or shiny and clean. And if you are inside your home and you are looking through clean glass, it will brighten up the whole room and make the interior of the room feel cleaner.

For this reason, be sure to clean the inside and outside of your home's windows prior to listing the home for sale. To do this, remove the screens on the outside of the windows and wash them in warm soapy water, then wash and squeegee the outside of the windows.

You might also consider hiring a window professional to wash your home's exterior windows, especially windows that are hard to reach or on upper levels. Then remember to keep blinds and curtains opened during any showings. Cleaning your home windows in this manner will make them sparkly-clean and improve the look of your home so you can sell it more easily.

Clean Up Your Yard From Winter

When spring arrives, it is usually after several months of cold, snowy, or soggy weather, which can leave dirt and debris in your yard. Take some time to improve your landscaping and lawn and remove any dead leaves and trash left over from last fall. Rinse off or sweep clean your walkways, driveway, and patios. If you have access to a pressure washer, you can use this to spray clean your concrete surfaces, deck, and the exterior of your home to remove stains.

Straighten any gravel or bark mulch-covered landscaping areas, as they can become scattered around from winter snow removal. Remove any dead vegetation from last fall and trim any shrubbery and trees that look shabby and overgrown. You may also want to hire a landscaping professional to help you get your yard into order and keep it looking great until you sell your home.

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