Living In A 55+ Community

There are a lot of homes that are found in neighborhoods considered 55+ communities.  This means that there is an age requirement to qualify to purchase a home in the community. Rules may vary, but it's usually required that one of the homeowners hits this age requirement. They are managed by individual homeowner's associations to help enforce policies and organize neighborhood events and manage assets. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider living in an adult community home.

Organized Social Events

As you age and have more time on your hands it can be wonderful to find a new hobby and a group of friends to do it with. These senior communities have all sorts of clubs and socials that are put on by an appointed board. It is easy to get involved and a great way to try new things. Water aerobics at the local clubhouse is a popular event—it's easy on the body and allows for plenty of time to socialize. Poker nights and golfing groups are a great way for the men to gather. There is a monthly fee you pay on top of the mortgage to be a part of the community called the HOA fee. If you will use the amenities and participate it can be a great investment.

Say Goodbye to Yard Work

You have done your time mowing the lawn, as in many of these communities they have a lawn service that will do it for you. Many homeowners still enjoy their plants and flowers and are able to have gardens and pots, but leave the bigger services to your trusty HOA. HOA fees will often cover this service because it's a huge benefit to residents and helps everyone maintain their property values. If you don't have to worry about your neighbor's neglected yard, you can rest easy knowing your whole community looks fresh and cared for. 


Safety is a huge priority for any homeowner and buying in a gated community can help you feel secure. In a 55+ neighborhood, it can be easier to spot people and things that look out of place. This will make the neighborhood watch program more efficient. Some of these homes have options for other senior services like emergency buttons or in-home nursing options. Since everyone will be around the same stage of life, it can be comforting to know there are others in your position too. 

Call a local adult community today so you can schedule a tour to check out their offered amenities and lifestyle. You may find that the 55+ neighborhood is perfect for you!

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