Six Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying A Timeshare

Buying a timeshare means making an investment that you are going to be relying on down the road for enjoyable vacations.

You want to avoid mistakes when you buy a timeshare to make sure you enjoy great vacation experiences into the future.

The following are six mistakes to avoid before buying a timeshare.

Skimming over the contract

The contract you're going to have to sign to buy a timeshare is going to be long and detailed. However, you definitely don't want to be skimming over it or not reading any parts of it in detail. 

The contract should give you important information and insights on anything that could potentially could go wrong for you in the purchase. Not only should you read the contract through carefully, but you should also discuss the contract with your real estate agent or lawyer to make sure you fully understand it. 

Jumping on the first offer

There are many different options out there when it comes to buying a timeshare. It's important to shop around before committing to anything.

It can be tempting to jump on a timeshare offer after viewing an attractive presentation on it. However, the more you shop around the better the deal and destination you'll be able to find. 

Buying through a developer as opposed to an owner

As a general rule, buying through an owner results in a better deal than buying through a developer. Owners are generally able to offer a sale at a rate that is only a small portion of the initial value of the timeshare property in question. 

Buying through a seller you haven't done some research on

You should learn something about the seller before purchasing. If possible, look up reviews from previous buyers who have already done business with the seller to see what they have to say. 

Thinking your timeshare value is going to appreciate

It's important to realize that timeshare values aren't expected to appreciate. Timeshares are efficient ways to pay for lodging at your destination of choice for vacations. However, they are not generally considered to be real estate investments that appreciate significantly. 

Getting financed as opposed to paying in cash

By paying in cash, you can bring down the investment you have to make in your timeshare. A timeshare is often a smaller investment that many buyers can afford to pay upfront.

If you can afford to pay everything upfront, you should do so and you won't have to spend additional money on interest for financing. 

For more information about timeshares and Marriott destination points, contact a real estate broker.

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