What Home Factors Can Drive Up Your Property Value

Think you just have a normal home that isn't worth much on the real estate market? You may be surprised to learn that these five factors can actually increase your property value.

The View

The view that you have from your home can be just as important as the home itself. Being able to see a nearby lake from your living room can be enough to really make your home stand out among other homes in the neighborhood, and people will pay good money for the bragging rights. Meanwhile, having a home that faces a freeway, busy road, or even ugly homes can be a major setback in property value.

The Square Footage

Sometimes home buyers focus on the square footage because it is a very simple factor to search for when looking at home listings. They may use search criteria that only look for homes above a certain square footage, and if your home falls into that search criteria, you will have more eyes on your property. Hitting a certain number of square feet can be enough to elevate your home to a higher value.

The Windows

Some home buyers are picky when it comes to the type of windows in a home. That's why having wood windows can actually increase your home's value, since they are viewed as a more premium type of window than standard vinyl or metal. Wood windows may require more maintenance, but you'll discover that it is worth it when the time comes to sell your home.

The Utilities

Having brand-new utilities in a home can be a selling point for homeowners that do not want to deal with home maintenance issues. They'll see brand-new utilities as a plus, since it is one less thing that they have to worry about once they move in. This includes things such as your water heater and HVAC system, which are often a confusing thing to maintain for new homeowners.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is one area where you can really make a difference when it comes to features. Going all out with premium countertop materials, appliances, and flooring can make a home feel quality and worth more than it would otherwise. Know that your kitchen remodeling job is something that you can actually see a return on investment in if you do it the right way.

For more information about residential property listings, contact a real estate professional.

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