Where Do You Find A Private Loan For Real Estate?

Do you need to secure financing for a real estate purchase, but want to avoid going through a traditional lender? It will help to know who you can turn to in order to fund your big investment.

Networking With Others

One of the main ways that you are going to find private loans for your real estate venture is through networking. This is easier said than done, but finding private financing through personal connections in your network can be the most effective way to do it. It all comes down to having your elevator pitch and being able to sell yourself as the investment, not necessarily what property they are investing in. If you can convince somebody to invest with you because of how you are able to grow their wealth through real estate, they are going to be interested in what you can do for them. You'll be able to flip the script and be able to get people to ask how they can invest with you.

Forming A Joint Venture

Joint venturing is essentially when you combine your resources with another person's resources because you are ultimately better off working together than working individually. There are people out there that are buying real estate with the intention of finding a partner to make a profit off of it since they have the cash to do so and know how profitable real estate investment can be. 

The key to finding financing for real estate is to find the people that are making deals in cash. This is often done at real estate auctions where people are bidding on properties that can only be bought in cash. It may be worth attending a real estate auction and getting the business cards of those people that are making bids since they are not securing their financing through a traditional lender.

Marketing Yourself

Another option is to market yourself as someone that others can give their money to in order to start investing in real estate. This includes finding people that have a lot of wealth and want to invest it but do not know exactly what to do with it. They may be looking at a faster return than putting it in the stock market, or want an investment that is not as risky. It can be more work to find these private investors since you often need to talk with them one-on-one or host a webinar to inform them about what they can do for you.

For more information, reach out to a real estate private loan program in your area.

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