Want To Purchase A New Construction Home? 3 Important Things To Understand

A new construction home is one that a builder is already in the building process or is a home in a new development that is already scheduled to be built. When considering the possibility of purchasing a new construction home, it is essential to understand how the process works.

The Model Home Isn't the Most Basic Home

When a builder builds multiple homes, they will generally have a model home for prospective buyers to look at. The model home is designed to demonstrate the layout of the homes that they will be building. It is also designed to showcase the builder's skills. Generally, the model home doesn't represent the most basic home that the builder is selling. The model home may have a slightly modified floor plan. Or it may have upgraded and premium features, such as nicer recessed lighting, higher quality floors, and higher quality cabinets.

When looking at a model home, it is essential to know what features are standard and which are upgrades. Don't assume that the home you purchase will look like the model home; you will have to pay extra to get the extra features and finishes included with the model home. The model home is just a way for the builder to show off their skills and style; it is up to you to work with the builder to customize the home to fit your specific needs.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

When looking at a new construction home, you shouldn't skip out on having a real estate agent represent you. A real estate agent can act as a go-between between you and the builder. The agent will work to ensure that your voice is heard during the building process, and they will work to get you upgrades for a fair price. They will also help you with the closing process as you get the mortgage and purchase the home from the builder. A real estate agent is a great ally to have during the building process.

Always Get a Home Inspection

Finally, even when buying a new construction home, you will want to get a home inspection. Even the greatest builder will not be perfect, which is where a home inspection comes into play. The home inspector will check out all the finer points of the home and ensure that the builder meet all city and county inspection codes and rules. Think of a home inspection on a new construction home as a form of quality control to ensure that you are really getting what you are paying for.

It is essential to remember that the model home is designed to show off the builders' skills and more than likely includes expensive upgrades with a new construction home. That is why you need to work closely with the builder via your real estate agent to get the home you want at a price you can afford. Look into new construction homes in an area you like. 

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