Studio Apartment Vs. Larger Rental: FAQs For First-Time Renters

What is a studio apartment, and how is it different from a one or two-bedroom apartment? You're ready to rent your first living space. But you're not sure if a studio is the right option. Before you start your rental search, take a look at what you need to know about studios, size, and larger rentals.

Are Studios and One-Bedrooms the Same?

No, a studio and a one-bedroom apartment are not the same types of rental. A studio is a single room or space. This type of apartment does not have separate living and bedroom areas. This type of arrangement combines the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom into one open floor plan. The exception to this one-bedroom apartment design is the bathroom. This room is private and not open to the rest of the apartment.

Unlike studios, one-bedroom apartments have (as the name implies) one separate bedroom. But this doesn't mean that a one-bedroom will necessarily have individual spaces for living, dining, and meal prep. Some of these rentals have an open floor plan that is similar to a studio. This apartment design features a kitchen-living room combination. The bedroom and bathroom are located behind doors in private areas of the rental. 

Should You Choose A Studio Apartment for Rent?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Personal preference is a primary reason to choose, or not to choose, a studio over a one or two-bedroom apartment. Along with your preferred living arrangement or apartment design, you also need to consider your budget, the amount of furniture/belongings you have, whether you regularly have overnight guests, or whether you want to live with a roommate or not. 

If you plan to live with a roommate or a significant other/spouse, a studio may feel cramped. A two-bedroom apartment is typically a better option for multiple renters. This gives each roommate (provided there are only two of you) their own completely separate space. It may also offer more square footage to accommodate extra furniture items or both of your belongings. 

Can You Rent A Studio If You Live With Your Partner or Spouse?

Unlike a roommate scenario, living with a romantic partner or spouse only requires one bedroom. But this doesn't always equal the need for a smaller apartment. While a studio could easily provide enough space for the two of you, consider whether you will need an additional area for guests or a home office. 

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