Tips To Help You During The Apartment Rental Process

The search for a new apartment home includes a lot of different details and variables so you can find the right place to call home for the next time period. Before you choose an apartment based on its online photos or because you feel rushed to make a decision, be sure you evaluate all the important details for the process. When you are looking to rent an apartment, here are some tips and recommendations to help you make the process successful and stress-free.

Go Through the Apartment

Before you can decide whether or not you want to rent an apartment, you should be able to see the unit beforehand. Be aware that if you view a model apartment that is furnished and provided to show prospective tenants, you may not get an apartment that is exactly like it. The furnishings and set-up of a showcase apartment can provide you with a different visual of what you will be signing the contract for. 

Be sure you always tour through the actual unit you will rent. This provides you a chance to check out the layout, the appliances, the condition, the water pressure, and your cell phone reception along with how much natural sunlight you will get in the apartment. Smell for any undesirable odors, and look at the unit's location and proximity to the parking lot or your unit's parking stall. Is the apartment near the property's swimming pool? This may or may not be an attractive detail to you.

Understand the Lease

In addition to viewing the actual available unit, be sure you also know the terms and details of the lease agreement. If you have a pet, such as a large dog breed, make sure there will be no problems bringing the pet with you for your rental. The property manager or landlord may require some information about your pet during the application process, so be sure you can compile any paperwork you need to provide. This may include vaccination records and a photo of your pet. The landlord may want to meet your pet beforehand to complete a personal evaluation.

The lease is also going to include details of fees and rental inclusions that you will need to be responsible for. For example, how much pet rent will be added on and will there be a pet deposit? Find out what utilities you are going to be responsible for and what is included in the lease, such as garbage, sewer, and water, or if there is recycling service available.

To get help finding apartments that allow aggressive dog breeds, talk to a real estate professional in your area.

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