Issues That Can Affect Your Commercial Property Value During An Appraisal

As a property owner, you want to ensure your commercial building is appraised at its highest possible value. Unfortunately, several issues might bring down the value of your commercial property appraisal.

Here are some of the things that could affect your appraisal results.  

Unlawful Modifications 

Unlawful modifications to a commercial property can significantly impact its appraisal value. In many cases, changes made to a building without proper authorization and within certain regulations may mean that the property's value is drastically reduced. This could decrease the commercial property's value, which can reduce its overall profitability.

You should be aware of all zoning laws, building codes, and other regulations that should be followed before you make any changes to your property. Any unlawful modifications can lead to severe penalties in some cases. 

Find out if permission is required from any local authorities if you want to make any changes. The consequences of violating these laws can significantly reduce the potential resale value of your property and should always be avoided at all costs.

Poor Physical Condition 

Poor physical condition is a significant issue that can detrimentally affect the value of your commercial property appraisal. 

Even with a seemingly minor problem like a broken window or an outdated appliance, these issues can significantly reduce the property's overall value. Any repairs needed have to be taken into account when appraising the property, and any damages that cannot be fixed should also be factored in.

The amount of maintenance and repair cost for the property will often depend on its age as well as how long ago it was last refurbished. This can also be affected by any renovations made to the premises since its original construction, so it should always be considered when calculating its value.

Additionally, moisture problems such as dampness, flooding, and water damage should be considered if this is an issue in your area and can weigh down the appraisal results if not addressed appropriately.

In addition, you should also consider issues such as pests or infestations. These could indicate or cause further damage, which could drastically affect your appraisal results. Be sure to check over all areas of the building beforehand and ensure that any pest control methods implemented have been successful before undergoing an appraisal so that they may accurately reflect your true market value.

Contact a certified real estate appraiser to learn more. They can give you more tips and advice. 

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